F A L L I N L O V E – The best of Autumn Weddings 2018

Hello lovely people!

I am so behind. I hoped to launch my website in 2018 and start with a BIG OL’ POST about the fabulous fall weddings I was hired for. Then life happened. And I didn’t launch until March. Whoops!

Even though these three weddings were less than a month apart, you can CLEARLY see how amazing and unique each of my clients are through their own adaptations of what throwing a “fall wedding” is. Below you will find Bridget & Mike, Hannah & Josh and Katie & Steve. I know all three girls from different areas of life and I could not be happier for all of them and their husbands!

B R I D G E T & M I K E

October 20, 2018: Weller’s Weddings Carriage House

I don’t know where to begin with Bridget and Mike. Well, I guess it makes sense to say how we are acquainted: I actually work with both of them at my day job! Bridget is a Professional Engineer/Professional Traffic Operations Engineer and Mike is a Professional Bridge Engineer. I truly consider them both friends before coworkers, and then coworkers before clients… but they were nice enough to hire me to make their seating chart and a couple other signs for their BEAUTIFUL October wedding.

Bridget and Mike are truly some of the most genuine people I know. They are both kind, caring and incredibly fun. Their relationship started as a little bit of a secret (because office gossip is the worrrrrst, amiright?) but then BLOSSOMED into them literally inviting every person from our group to their wedding and bringing in the donuts they were considering serving instead of wedding cake for our office. They are amazing.

On a personal note, I want to tell you Bridget has been like a sister to me in the 5 years I have known her. We met when I was 20 and SO unaware of the world around me. She helped guide me through the different stages of my early 20’s and for her love and guidance I am endlessly thankful. OKAY ILL GOING TO STOP NOW SORRY.

Their wedding was held at Wellers Carriage House in Saline Michigan. Bridget styled the event herself (like, how amazing is that?!) These photos are by Yana Benjamin. The donuts were catered from Washtenaw Dairy in Ann Arbor.

These hooligans are my coworkers ^ I really really care about them and am thankful to work with such great people every single day.

H A N N A H & J O S H

November 9, 2018: Belle Isle Casino

I think it will go without saying when you see some of the gallery photos for Hannah & Josh’s wedding, you will be floored. Every detail was meticulously thought over and executed to perfection. When Hannah first asked me to make a sign for her, it was for her “Nashlorette Weekend”. I always take my first opportunity to do work for someone almost as an audition (like, please hire me again!), but during my planning meeting with Hannah she finished explaining what she wanted and in the next breath said “So do you want to talk about the wedding signs now too?”. I was thrilled to know she trusted me enough to give me such a chance to spread my creative wings. She is a huge supporter of local vendors and had one of the most beautifully thought out weddings I have ever seen.

Hannah & Josh’s wedding was held at the Belle Isle Casino. These photos were taken by Alora Rachelle Photography. The entire event was styled and coordinated by Sophia Frances Events & Co. Their pies were catered by Sister Pie. You can see their wedding published in Seen Magazine. YES THAT’S RIGHT, IT WAS PUBLISHED.

K A T I E & S T E V E

November 3, 2018: Ypsilanti Freight House

SURPRISE: Katie is also a coworker of mine!! I met Katie a few years ago doing a field review for a local job we were both assigned too during the dead of winter. We had such a great time running around in the freezing cold to look at pedestrian facilities that I swore she and I would be friends outside of work too. AND YEE HAW WE SURE ARE.

When Katie and I met, she and Steve had been happily dating for a while. When she got engaged, all our conversations gained an intensity and excitement of at least 70% and I got to watch in amazement as she took her vision (which all started from a color palette inspired by a photo she took HERSELF) and created an incredibly individual, unapologetically amazing wedding.

It feels like a really cheap thing to call Katie a coworker, but cheesy to call her a sister right after I called Bridget one too. She and I have long conversations about life, love, mental health and self care. She and Steve are a BLAST to spend time with and have left me crying laughing more than once. I am so lucky to have her and Bridget to both work with regularly (or at least instant message during work hours 100+ times 🙂 )

Katie and Steve’s wedding was held at the Ypsilanti Freight House, Katie did all the styling and coordinating of the event herself (she needs a business ASAP) and all these photos were taken by BAM Photos.

I hope I didn’t gush TOO much about the amazing fall weddings I got to be a part of, but if I did thanks for bearing with me and reading to the end anyways. If you have any questions about any of the vendors present in my blog post, please feel free to reach out to me! I will happily send any and all information I have.

Thanks for stopping in! Thanks for being you.